US daily coronavirus cases smash 200k for FIRST time as infections and death toll continues to rise

THE number of daily coronavirus cases in the United States have hit 200,000 for the first time as infections and the death toll continues to rise.

In just one day, the country had an increase of 201,083 new Covid cases – making it the highest level since May.

The US is averaging more than 1,300 Covid-related deaths every 24 hours.

And now the US death toll has surpassed the 240,000-death prediction made by Dr Anthony Fauci back in March.

Johns Hopkins University's coronavirus resource center confirmed the grim milestone this week.

At least 254,332 people in the US have died from Covid – the highest overall country death toll in the world.

Across the globe, at least 57,441,503 people have tested positive – with the US making up about 11.8 million of those infected.

On Thursday, the country's one-day increase in confirmed cases was approximately 188,000.

Hospitalizations have also hit record numbers – at more than 80,000.

The US currently has the highest death toll in the world, with Brazil next on 166,699 deaths, India with 130,993 and Mexico on 99,026 deaths.

As cases continue to spike, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said on Thursday that it recommends Americans do not travel during the Thanksgiving holiday next week.

The call is to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 as cases of the virus spike around the country.

Speaking on a call with reporters, CDC official Henry Walke said the travel recommendation is a strong recommendation, not a requirement.

The CDC advised against gathering with anyone who hasn't lived in the same household for at least fourteen days, the incubation period for the coronavirus.

Officials said they were also posting recommendations on their website on how to stay safe during the holidays for those Americans that do choose to travel.

As cases surge, overworked hospitals have converted parking garages into patient treatment areas to keep up with a deluge of cases.

Daily cases have hovered between 80,000 and 180,000 per day over the past two weeks, with the US recording 185,527 new cases and 1,912 deaths on Thursday, according to NBC News' tracker.

Hospitals are struggling to stay afloat nationwide, with many of them converting spaces like chapels, cafeterias, and even parking garages into treatment spaces for Covid patients.

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