Shocking moment topless man shoots FLAMETHROWER while standing on New York City bus in wild Instagram stunt

THIS is the shocking moment a topless man shoots a flamethrower while standing on a New York City bus in a wild Instagram stunt.

The flamethrowing man was caught on video standing on an MTA bus in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, on Sunday, November 8, according to the New York Post.

The fiery incident reportedly took place at approximately 5.30pm on Putnam Avenue.

Footage taken at the scene shows the unidentified man standing atop an ice cream truck before jumping onto the roof of a B26 bus.

As the man leapt, cheers were heard from onlookers and several bystanders were seen recording the unusual stunt.

Moments later, the man uses a device shoot a jet of fire above him – approximately six times.

A stream of fire was held for nearly eight-seconds long as the man waved the flamethrower in the air.

He then seemed to look for a way to get down from the bus.

At one point, the man shoots the fire down to the street from the back of the bus – appearing to set the ground ablaze, before jumping off and landing near the flame.

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The video of the incident was shared to social media on Tuesday morning – prompting the NYPD to speak out.

NYPD News wrote to Twitter in the afternoon: "We are aware of a video circulating social media that shows a man using a flame thrower on top of a bus in Brooklyn.

"The incident is currently under investigation.

"We have the utmost confidence in our @NYPDDetectives that this case will be solved quickly."

A 30-second clip from the stunt was previously shared on November 10 by rapper Dupree G.O.D, who wrote alongside the video: "Flame Thrower Bus Jump.

"'Wutang' music video shoot was insane. It was a movie. It was f***ing epic."

The MTA has since released a statement – slamming the incident as "absurd, dangerous and just plain stupid."

"The reckless individual who torched over the top of an occupied bus put New Yorkers, including the bus operator, in life-threatening peril.

"We are grateful the courageous actions of the operator in moving riders to safety minimized risk, and are cooperating fully with the NYPD investigation."

According to the New York Post, more than two dozen passengers were on the bus at the time of the alleged music video shoot.

The MTA said there were no reported injuries and all passengers switched to a separate bus at the following bus stop.

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