Dolly Parton hailed as Covid ‘savior’ after funding Moderna vaccine with $1million of her own cash

DOLLY Parton is being hailed as a Covid “savior” after donating $1million to help fund the Moderna vaccine.

The iconic country singer, 74, donated the cash back in April to Vanderbilt University Medical Centre in Nashville, Tennessee, for coronavirus research.

This week, US company Moderna announced its vaccine may be 94.5 per cent effective against the killer respiratory disease and Parton is namechecked in the preliminary report.

Published in the New England Journal of Medicine, the report states that the work was supported by the "Dolly Parton Covid-19 Research Fund" amongst other groups.

The glamorous music star became friends with Dr Naji Abumrad of the Vanderbilt Institute when he treated her in 2014 following a car crash.

Earlier this year, the scientist told Dolly that his team was making "some exciting advancements" in the search for a cure of the virus.

She then donated $1m to help fund the research and encouraged other wealthy people on Twitter to do the same.

The singer told the BBC: “I’m sure many, many millions of dollars from many people went into that (research fund) but I felt so proud to have been part of that little seed money that hopefully will grow into something great and help to heal this world.

"Lord knows we need it!”

The news has prompted an outpouring of praise for the charitable singer on social media with users hailing her as a "savior."

Gretchen McCulloch swiftly rewrote Parton's hit Jolene, with the chorus: "Vaccine, vaccine, vaccine, vacciiiiiiiiine, I'm begging you, please go in my arm."

Lyz Lenz, a writer, tweeted: "Shakespeare may have written King Lear during the plague, but Dolly Parton funded a Covid vaccine, dropped a Christmas album and a Christmas special."

Music critic Simon Price wrote: “In 2020, Dolly Parton’s stood up for Black Lives Matter and put $1 million towards a Covid vaccine, and the year’s not over yet.

“There’s a strong argument that America should give up the whole ‘democracy’ thing as a bad idea now, and just make Dolly Parton queen of everything.”

Born to an illiterate father in the post-war Bible Belt, Dolly’s charitable spirit is legendary and she employs thousands in her remote Tennessee hometown of Locust Ridge.

When wildfires struck in 2016, it was her fortune that comforted the local victims.

For decades her Imagination Library, a childhood literacy charity, has sent millions of books to disadvantaged children every month, among them 40,000 British youngsters.

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