Belgian mayor apologises for penis-shaped Christmas lights

A mayor of a town in Belgium has apologised after it has been claimed his Christmas lights looked like penises.

The blue and white structures were supposed to be candles – but instead locals have been sharing the images online, joking about their phallic shape.

Mayor of Oudenburg, Anthony Dumarey, said there had been ‘many reactions’ to the Christmas lights.

‘Of course, it was not our intention to install Christmas lights that remind people of a penis,’ he told local newspaper HLN.

‘But we do see the lighter side of the incident.

‘We were on a limited budget, so our technical department designed the illumination by itself.

‘In any case, we wanted to move away from the classic flame or candle-themed illumination.’

Mr Dumarey explained designers decided at the last minute a flame at the top of the white column of the candle was cliché, and instead replaced it with a blue ball.

‘I see the funny side of it myself,’ he added.

‘We really have to do that in these dark and difficult times.’

At least 90 of the lights have been counted on the streets of the small seaside town.

Oudenburg has a population of 9,000 people and is famous for its Roman museum and escape room.

Mr Dumarey pinned the blame on the budget, saying each decoration cost the town €165 (£147) to make.

‘If we wanted to buy something instead, we would have to pay €500 each,’ he added.

He said the final decorations were ‘not that big of a problem’.

‘A woman told me, laughing, that she would also like a big Christmas pecker at her door,’ he said. 

‘Some people snap photos with them with thumbs up.

‘It is certainly the most talked-about Christmas illumination in the country.’

He said he sees ‘no reason to remove or replace them’.

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