This Pokémon Metapod Sleeping Bag Is for the Highly Evolved

Bandai has just released a new home sleeping bag in the shape of the Pokémon Metapod. Padded on the bottom, the sleeping bag is big enough for one adult and sees the bug-type cocoon Pokémon’s features in the form of a full-green exterior, eyes at the sides, and the various stitched grooves and angles that mimic the Pokémon’s shell pattern.

Measuring 170 cm in length, the sleeping bag opens up at the front via a long zipper and can be zipped up just to about your neck where your head can be exposed. Once inside, you can choose to prop yourself up to relax or just lay on your side to fall asleep — dreaming of becoming a Butterfree.

Priced at ¥35,000 JPY (approximately $335 USD), this Metapod sleeping bag can be found over at Bandai’s web store now.

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