James Charles Backs Charli D’Amelio Amid Chef Video Backlash: This Is Not Sitting Right With Me

Charli has lost around 1 million followers on TikTok since she and sister Dixie found themselves under fire for their treatment of their personal chef in an episode of ‘Dinner With the D’Amelios’.

AceShowbizJames Charles made sure people know Charli D’Amelio has his support amid recent controversy. Shortly after his pal and her sister Dixie D’Amelio apologized for their treatment of personal chef Aaron May in their YouTube video, the beauty vlogger came to the TikTok star’s defense, insisting that her situation is not sitting right with him.

On Thursday, November 19, the 21-year-old fired back at Charli’s trolls via Twitter. “this charli situation is NOT sitting right with me,” he addressed the backlash. “100M followers in one year & y’all expect her to know how to be a perfect role model? death threats because she’s a picky eater & made a joke about a milestone?”

“30+ year olds dragging someone half their age? feels familiar,” the makeup artist continued as he made a reference to his own past controversies. Back in 2019, he lost millions of followers over his feud with fellow beauty blogger Tati Westbrook, shady projects and controversial comments about Ebola and Africa.

The D’Amelio sisters first came under fire after mocking their personal chef and sounding like ungrateful brats in their family’s YouTube video, “Dinner With the D’Amelios”, posted on Monday, November 16. In the clip, the siblings enjoyed dinner with their parents and James. At one point, 19-year-old Dixie vomited the food prepared by their chef, while her 16-year-old sister asked for “dino nuggets.”

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