The lip scrubs that keep our senior beauty writer’s very dry lips flake-free

Senior beauty writer Hanna Ibraheem struggles with very dry lips. Here are the lip scrubs she relies on to keep them smooth, hydrated and flake-free.

I have very dry lips – and I mean very dry. It’s not something I only experience during winter either. All-year round, my lips tend to get flaky and sometimes crack, too.

Other than cold weather, there are many reasons why your lips can get dry, including a vitamin deficiency and dehydration. I’m pretty sure I fall into the latter category and while I’m trying to be better with my water intake, my experience with dry lips has also seen me develop a love for lip scrubs along the way. But it’s important to proceed with caution.

The skin on our lips is much thinner than anywhere else so attacking this area with harsh, grainy formulas can actually do more harm than good (trust me, I speak from experience). However, there are many lip scrubs on the market that have been carefully formulated with gentle exfoliants and nourishing ingredients.

Here, I round up the lip scrubs that effectively slough away dead skin cells sitting on the surface without leaving my lips irritated.

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  • Fresh Sugar Lip Wonder Drops Advanced Therapy

    Unlike traditional scrubs, this lip exfoliator is a liquid that dispenses from a pipette. It’s a daily lip treatment that contains a sugar complex, natural AHAs and hibiscus flower extract to leave skin fresh and smooth.

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  • Lanolips Lemonaid Scrubba-Balm

    One of my all-time favourites, this lip scrub comes in a handy tube which makes it easy to prevent flaky skin on-the-go. It contains crushed orange peel and crystals of sugar to get rid of rough skin but also has nourishing lanolin in the formula. I particularly love it after a long, drying flight.

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  • The Glowcery Coconut Crumble – Superfood Natural Lip Scrub

    Harnessing the multi-benefits of coconuts, this lip scrub contains raw coconut sugar to make lips smoother, as well as raw coconut oil for its antibacterial, antioxidant and anti-fungal properties.

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  • Frank Body Lip Scrub

    Rough and effective without irritating skin, this scrub is infused with raw sugar, coffee and ethically-sourced beeswax. Massage it onto lips, wipe it away and they’ll not only feel smoother but look fuller, too.

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  • Dr. Pawpaw Scrub & Nourish

    Dr Pawpaw has combined its cult lip balm with a natural lip scrub in this handy stackable pot. The lip scrub smells of mango, orange and coconut. Dreamy.

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