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There's a Ton of Evidence That Clare Was Actually Forced Off 'The Bachelorette' by Producers

Please cast your mind back several dozen years to July 2020, the fated month that we found out Clare Crawley had quit The Bachelorette—or, perhaps we should say “quit.” From day one, spoilers about this truly wild plot twist indicated that it was Clare’s decision to leave the show. And it all began with Life & Style’s initial reports claiming she had such a “deep connection” with Dale Moss that she “refused to come out of her room” to film with other guys, leaving production “blindsided” when she ditched the show 12 days in.

ABC has since gone wayyyyy out of their way to reinforce this narrative. Like, we’ve all seen that clip of Chris Harrison telling Clare “you’ve just blown up the Bachelorette,” right?

And just this week ABC executive Robert Mills told Nick Viall that production never considered the possibility of Clare meeting her ~person~ so early on, or that they’d have to “shut this whole thing down.”

But it looks like there’s actually way more to this story, and fans have uncovered (mounting!!) evidence that ABC always intended to recast Clare with Tayshia Adams. Let’s lay it all out like our assigned FBI agents would want us to:

Exhibit A: Reality Steve’s Bombshell Report

In early October, after months of reports that Clare had quit the show, Reality Steve came through with an extremely !!!!!!! post claiming that producers had basically planted the seed in Clare’s mind that she should quit for Dale. Per Steve, “this was in production’s plan before Clare’s season started. They knew Clare would be removed at some point during this season and replaced as the Bachelorette by Tayshia. Did Clare know? No. Did the guys know? No. But production sure as hell did.”

Steve then went on to say that production knew Clare would fall for Dale early based on conversations with her:

Exhibit B: Clare’s Pointed Twitter Likes

Clare is under contract with ABC right now and presumably can’t say anything bad about the show. But it looks like she tried to give an opinion about that Reality Steve report (see: Exhibit A) through the ancient art of Pointed Twitter Likes™.

According to Entertainment Tonight, Clare liked a series of tweets by Bachelorette viewer Marietou Sangare, indicating that she was forced out by producers. Per ET, Marietou wrote:

In two other tweets liked by Clare, Marietou said, “They had Tayshia quarantined 9 days after Clare started filming. They wanted to remove Clare. And I just don’t think it’s fair,” and “Production has control over literally everything. They know what they’re doing.”

Production has control over literally everything. They know what they’re doing

Exhibit C: Clare’s ET Interview

During an early October interview with Entertainment Tonight, Clare maintained that she never quit the show. Of course, she didn’t go as far as to say she was forced out—but she made her feelings pretty clear:

Exhibit D: Robert Mills’ Interview

During the interview between ABC exec Robert Mills and Nick Viall, Mills claimed that production waited to call in Tayshia well into Clare’s season: “When [Clare] didn’t give out that rose and she just gave it to herself, that was it,” he said. “That was really it, when we started making the call [to replace her].”

But Reality Steve hopped on Twitter to once again call bullsh*t and say the show always intended to replace Clare with Tayshia:

This is flat out untrue. They are selling you a lie. If you honestly think they didn’t make the call to Tayshia until Clare decided not to give that group date rose, her last date of the season by the way, you need to wake up. The timeline doesn’t even work in that scenario.

And he also made it clear he wasn’t about to compromise his sources:

That’s not the case here. Tayshia wasn’t on standby “in case.” This wasn’t a COVID thing. But I’m not going to compromise sources just so people who don’t wanna believe it can be appeased. This was planned before the season started.

So…where does this all leave us? On the one hand, we have producers and execs indicating that Clare quit the show seemingly on her own terms. On the other, we have Clare liking tweets about being forced out, and Bachelor Nation’s most reputable spoiler source saying the show always intended to replace her. Which means the time has come to weigh in! Hit the poll with your thoughts:

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Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost marry in 'intimate ceremony'

Fox News Flash top entertainment headlines for October 29

Fox News Flash top entertainment and celebrity headlines are here. Check out what’s clicking today in entertainment.

Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost have tied the knot.

The couple married over the weekend in an "intimate ceremony with their immediate family and love ones," according to an Instagram post from Meals on Wheels America on Thursday. 

"We’re thrilled to break the news that Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost were married over the weekend in an intimate ceremony with their immediate family and love ones, following COVID-19 safety precautions as directed by the CDC," the caption read.

The image featured the Staten Island Ferry — Jost was born in Staten Island – decorated with traditional wedding day aluminum cans. 

"Their wedding wish is to help make a difference for vulnerable older adults during this difficult time by supporting @mealsonwheelsamerica. Please consider donating to celebrate the happy couple by clicking the link in our bio," it concluded. 

Colin Jost and Scarlett Johansson got engaged in May 2019. 
(Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP, File)

The actress, 35, and "Saturday Night Live" star, 38, became engaged in May 2019 after two years of dating. 

The co-star the Marvel "Avengers" films was previously married to actor Ryan Reynolds from 2008 to 2011 and French journalist Romain Dauriac from 2014 to 2017. Dauriac and Johansson share a 6-year-old daughter, Rose. This is the comedian's first marriage. 

Johansson previously gushed about Jost's romantic proposal. "He did [do it in a romantic way], he killed it," she told Ellen DeGeneres. "It was a very James Bond situation. It was surprising. He's got a lot behind that [Saturday Night Live] news desk he's hiding."

The Marvel star was previously married to actor Ryan Reynolds from 2008 to 2011 and French journalist Romain Dauriac from 2014 to 2017. Dauriac and Johansson share a 6-year-old daughter, Rose. 
(Kevin Mazur/Getty Images)


"He's very charming and very thoughtful and romantic," Johansson added. "I was surprised, even if you imagine what that moment is going to be like, it's still, it's a beautiful moment. It was very personal. It was a very special moment and I think more than anything, when someone tells you they want to share the rest of their life with you, it's a lovely, special thing."

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Jessica Chastain and Anne Hathaway Are Rival Housewives in Psychological Thriller 'Mothers' Instinct'

Jessica Chastain and Anne Hathaway are going to play rival housewives in the psychological thriller Mothers’ Instinct, the English-language remake of Olivier Masset-Depasse‘s 2018 Belgian film Duelles. Masset-Depasse will be directing this English-language remake, which Chastain will also be producing.

Jessica Chastain and Anne Hathaway have starred in films together before — namely Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar — but we never got to see these two talented actresses cross paths onscreen. Now they’re moving across the street from each other in an idyllic 1960s suburb, where a “psychological battle of wills” unfolds. Chastain and Hathaway are set to star opposite each other in Mothers’ InstinctOlivier Masset-Depasse‘s English-language remake of his own 2018 acclaimed Belgian film Duelles. The film follows two best friends and neighbors whose perfect harmony is shattered after a tragic accident.

Here is the logline for Mothers’ Instinct:

Set in the early ‘60s, best friends and neighbors Alice (Chastain) and Celine (Hathaway) both live an idyllic traditional lifestyle with manicured lawns, successful husbands and sons of the same age. Life’s perfect harmony is suddenly shattered after a tragic accident. Guilt, suspicion and paranoia combine to unravel their sisterly bond and a psychological battle of wills begins as the maternal instinct reveals its darker side.

Writer Sarah Conradt (50 States of Fright) is set to adapt the English language script of the film, which is based on Barbara Abel’s novel Derrière la Haine. Olivier Masset-Depasse helms the remake after his 2018 film Duelles was a critical hit, winning a record-breaking 9 Magritte Awards from the Belgian Academy including Best Film and Best Director.

“It takes actors of Jessica and Anne’s caliber to communicate the intricacy of these two roles,” Masset-Depasse said in a statement. “The relationship between a mother and child is the most powerful connection between two human beings.  When this bond is severed, it calls into question conventional morality and even sanity. In the behind-closed-doors atmosphere of 1960’s America, Mothers’ Instinct becomes a terrifying, high-pressure powder keg.”

Added Sébastien Raybaud, the founder and CEO of Anton, which is set to produce and finance the film, “Audiences could not wish for a more dynamic match-up on screen. Both character roles are wonderfully complex and will showcase Jessica and Anne’s incredible breadth of talent. Olivier has already proven adept at this twist on the Hitchcock-ian genre and we have great faith in his ability to deliver a compelling thriller.”

Chastain is producing the film alongside Kelly Carmichael with her banner Freckle Films, which is also behind the Chastain-starring international espionage film The 355. It’s always great to see prominent names like Chastain using their platforms to boost lesser-known creators in the States, and even better that this film brings together Chastain and Hathaway, who are always committed performers. And the prospect of them playing rival mommy dearests? That sounds like vamp heaven.

Paul Nelson at Mosaic (The Other Guys) and Jacques-Henri Bronckart (Duelles) also produce. Anton will fully finance and executive produce the project, as well as launch worldwide sales on the film at the upcoming 2020 AFM in November.

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Oh, Baby! Karlie Kloss and Joshua Kushner Are Expecting Their First Child

Oh, baby! Karlie Kloss is pregnant and expecting her first child with her husband, Joshua Kushner, multiple sources tell Us Weekly.

Karlie Kloss and Joshua Kushner Show PDA on Rare Public Date Night

The couple “have been trying to have a baby for a few months now,” a source exclusively told Us in March. “Karlie wouldn’t mind hosting Project Runway while she’s pregnant. They think this is the right time.”

Us broke the news that the Victoria’s Secret model, 28, and the businessman, 35, were dating in November 2012 after they were spotted at a New York City party. In July 2018, Kloss announced their engagement on Instagram.

Cutest Celebrity Baby Announcements

“I love you more than I have words to express,” she captioned a photo kissing Kushner’s cheek. “Josh, you’re my best friend and my soulmate. I can’t wait for forever together. Yes a million times over.”

The Oscar Health cofounder’s sister-in-law, Ivanka Trump (who is married to his brother, Jared Kushner), tweeted her congratulations at the time. “So, so happy for you and Josh!” she wrote. “I feel blessed you have you as a sister (!!!) Karlie and look forward to the decades of happy memories we will create together as a family!”

Three months later, the two tied the knot in an October 2018 ceremony in upstate New York. The Kode With Klossy creator stunned in a custom Dior gown.

“They wanted to make it very low-key,” a source told Us exclusively after Kloss and Kushner’s nuptials. “They wanted to be as private as possible.”

Unlikely Celebrity Couples

The model has kept her relationship with Kushner out of the spotlight from the beginning, and she explained why in her Porter magazine Summer 2018 cover story.

“It’s not like I’ve ever wanted to be so secretive about my private life,” she said at the time. “Carolina Herrera always says, ‘A woman who’s an open book is boring.’ There’s no mystery anymore. I know in my life what really matters to me. I’m not trying to hide that from the world; I just really like having a more private life. I’ve got nothing to hide, though!”

With reporting by Travis Cronin

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World News

Virginia Military Institute removing Stonewall Jackson statue from campus

Removal of Confederate statues sparks debate in Kentucky

Louisville Urban League president Sadiqa Reynolds and Rep. Thomas Massie weigh in on ‘The Story’

Virginia Military Institute is removing the statue of Thomas J. “Stonewall” Jackson from its campus and establishing diversity initiatives amid mounting allegations of racism at the public college. 

The VMI Board of Visitors unanimously voted Thursday to move Jackson's statue from the front of its barracks to another location that is yet to be determined. 

The school is also appointing a permanent diversity officer and creating a diversity and inclusion committee. 


Amid a nationwide racial reckoning, the school's former superintendent said in June that they would not remove the statue of Jackson, a Confederate general and slave owner who was also a professor at VMI. 

“We do not currently intend to remove any VMI statues or rename any VMI buildings,” Ret. Gen. J.H. Bindford Peay III, who resigned earlier this week, wrote in a letter to the campus community. “Rather, in the future we will emphasize recognition of leaders from the Institute’s second century.”

Virginia, Lexington, Stonewall Jackson Statue And Cannons At Virginia Military Institute. (Photo by Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

Kaleb Tucker, a Black graduate of VMI, started a petition earlier this year to tear down the statue of Jackson, alleging that racism is rampant at the school. 

"There has been story on top of story of racism and black prejudice within the walls of the institute," Tucker wrote. "However VMI has not once acknowledged allegations nor has there been any just punishment to the doers of this racism and black prejudice."


Earlier this month, The Washington Post published a report on the "relentless racism" faced by Black cadets. 

During one incident in 2018, a White sophomore was suspended after telling a Black freshman that he would "lynch" him and use his “dead corpse as a punching bag," according to the Post. 

Keniya Lee, who graduated from VMI last year, made a complaint public in June, claiming that a business professor reminisced fondly on her father's affiliation with the KKK in the middle of class.

The removal of Jackson's statue and new commitments to diversity are meant to address these issues on campus. 


“I am proud of the commitment by the VMI family to continue fulfilling our mission," J. William “Bill” Boland, President of the Board of Visitors, said in a statement Thursday.

"VMI, like all aspects of society, must honestly address historical inequities and be intentional about creating a better future.  We care deeply about the individual experiences of all of our cadets and alumni. Our mission is just as important today, and tomorrow, as it has been for 181 years.”

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Kendall Jenner: I Don’t Care Avout Covid! Check Out My Smokin’ Bikini Body!

By now, you’ve probably caught wind of the latest scandal surrounding the Kardashian family.

Of course, there’s kind of a lot going on in the world these days, so we don’t blame if you missed it.

Long story short, Kim flew her family to Tahiti to celebrate her 40th birthday, and her endless boasting about the baller celebration rubbed many of her fans the wrong way.

When she took to social media to brag about her baller b-day celebration Kim seemed to have briefly forgotten that now is really not the time for flaunting obscene wealth.

Countless Twitter users have now reminded Kim that this is a time of unprecedented unemployment, and for the money she spent chartering a 777 to a private island, she could’ve helped thousands of her fans get caught up on rent.

The latter option would’ve helped Kim prove the critics wrong, shown the world that she and her sisters are not a bunch of vapid socialites, but true humanitarians, leaders prepared to help guide through one of the scariest times in modern history.

But the former approach is not without her its upsides.

After all, it gave Kendall Jenner yet another opportunity to remind us all that she looks really good in a bikini.

Yes, Kendall bikini pics were one of the only good things about the summer of 2020.

And now, it looks like they’re here to guide us through fall, as well.

Kenny really went all out this time, showcasing her flawless physique from multiple angles.

As usual, these pics are likely to prompt some spirited debates about who’s hotter — Kendall or Kylie Jenner?

But we’d like to remind you that in these divisive times, you don’t have to take a position on every issue just because you’re feeling pressured to do so.

Kendall and Kylie offer different things for different tastes and it’s perfectly acceptable to like both equally.

They’re chocolate vs. vanilla, Ginger vs. Maryane, Biden vs. … actually, you should probably go ahead and take a clear stance on that one.

There’s kind of a lot riding on it. 

Anyway, there’s been enought discussion about the Kardashians and politics this week.

Although we suppose it’s unavoidable, what with Kanye running for president, and Kim experiencing a major “let them eat cake” moment.

So perhaps it’s important for us to take this time to focus on one of the few things that we can all agree on as Americans.

Like the fact that Mount Rushmore would be way cooler if you wiped out those old dudes and replaced them with the members of the Kar-Jenner clan.

We kid!

One thing we can actually agree on is that Kendall is looking better than ever, and it’s her patriotic duty to continue [osting pics of herself in skimpy attire as the nation braces for civil war.

And in exchange, the rest of us will go out and vote to ensure that America remains the land of the free and the home of the bikini selfie.

Kendall Jenner Nude Photos Leak, Pathetic Body-Shaming EnsuesStart Gallery

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World News

Around 75% of US parents are still planning to take their kids trick-or-treating Halloween despite pandemic

THREE-quarters of American parents are still planning to take their children trick-or-treating this year, according to new research.

The survey of 2,000 Americans – about half of whom were parents – looked at what Halloween will look like this year, and the precautions people are taking on the holiday.

Half of the parents surveyed who are still taking their children trick-or-treating said it’s too important for them to skip.

Commissioned by HI-CHEW and conducted by OnePoll, the survey found Americans are eager to maintain a sense of normalcy this Halloween, but many will be taking precautions to stay safe.

Even those who are trick-or-treating aren't going all out — and the treats better be extra good this year, as the average child will only be going to FIVE houses on Halloween before calling it a night.

But limiting the number of houses they’re going to isn’t the only precaution parents are planning to take, to maintain social distancing measures and stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The top precaution parents will be taking on October 31 is only going to the homes of people they know, in order to ensure they’re healthy (33%).

Other precautions include only going to houses with lights on and spooky decorations out, as well as speaking to their neighbors to ensure they’ve tested negative for COVID-19.

And regardless of trick-or-treating plans, candy appeared to be an integral part of the holiday, as 83% are still planning to stock up on spooky treats.

Forty percent of respondents plan to only buy candy they like, because they don’t plan to hand it out to trick-or-treaters this year.

Thirty-eight percent of respondents are excited they don’t have to hand out candy, so they can eat more themselves.

“While celebrations may look different this year, the best part of Halloween will carry on: eating and enjoying candy,” said Tatsuya Takamiya, Chief Marketing Officer of Morinaga America, Inc. “From trick-or-treating to swapping with friends, candy will continue to play an integral part of the spooky holiday.”

And respondents have other ways to celebrate the holiday, too.

You can expect to see bats and skeletons earlier in the season: 45% are planning to decorate their homes earlier this year, to get in the spirit of the holiday.

To make up for having to stay home on Halloween, 45% plan to eat candy from the comfort of their couch, while 42% plan to watch non-stop Halloween-themed movies and 35% plan to watch non-stop horror movies.

“Halloween festivities have grown to be bigger than just one single day,” said Tatsuya Takamiya, Chief Marketing Officer of Morinaga America, Inc.

“Beyond enjoying your favorite candy, this year provides a unique opportunity to spend time with family and small groups of friends and find creative ways to make each moment memorable. Whether it’s virtual scavenger hunts, Halloween movie marathons, or carving pumpkins, the options are endless.”

1. Eat Halloween candy at home                                                                   45%
2. Watch non-stop Halloween-themed movies                                               42%
3. Watch non-stop horror movies                                                                   35%
4. Watch Halloween-themed TV show episodes                                           33%
5. Have a Halloween party by myself and my immediate family/household  27%

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Perrie Edwards in agony after tearing base of spine in painful injury

WITH their sixth album due out soon, a primetime TV show on every Saturday and hosting the MTV Europe Music Awards next weekend, Little Mix have a packed schedule.

So Perrie Edwards is probably wishing she hadn’t injured herself before one of the busiest periods of their nine-year career.

The singer has revealed she has suffered a slipped disc as well as tearing the base of her spine in a painful injury.

It means their energetic dance routines have become a nightmare amid their return to the pop circuit and a chart battle with Kylie Minogue, who releases her album Disco next Friday — the same day Little Mix’s record Confetti comes out.

Perrie admitted: “I recently found out I have a slipped disc and tear in the base of my back/spine and I die every time we dance. But it’s worth it.”

That must have been made worse by the energetic routine they did in the video for their brilliant new single Sweet Melody, which is set to hit the Top Ten today a week after its release. A music insider said: “Perrie is in pain with her back but she is soldiering on.

“It is a very uncomfortable injury to have but she’s not going to let anything put a stop to Little Mix’s mesmerising performances — not on their BBC1 show The Search nor the EMAs.

“For now, it’s business as usual and they are all eager to do the best performances of their career to showcase their new tracks.”

From what I’ve heard, their record Confetti is one of the best pop albums of the year.

I’ve got my fingers crossed everyone — including Perrie — can enjoy it on their tour next year.


All Mel and good

MEL B may have her Scary Spice hair back but she looked anything but frightening in this new photo.

The Spice Girl returned to social media today to share the first public snap of herself so far this year.

After the girl group’s reunion tour in 2019, she’s spent much of the past ten months taking time out of the spotlight. It looks like it’s done her the world of good.

Brushing up on revenge

IT’S no secret there are some unsavoury ­characters in showbiz – but one of them unknowingly suffered a foul revenge.

Radio 1 veteran Scott Mills has revealed a well-known male telly presenter was so rude to staff backstage at a TV studio that the make-up ­artist got her own back by rubbing the powder brush on her rear end first.

He told the Secret’s Out podcast: “I can’t say any names but I know there was a TV presenter who was so horrendous to his make-up people that on the day he left the show, the make-up lady . . . wiped her a**e with the powder that she then went on to powder his beautiful TV face with.”

Scott, who has appeared on shows including Strictly Come Dancing and The National Lottery, stayed shtum on exactly who the shameful star might be.

So now I need your help to get to the ­bottom of this pongy puzzle.

Do you know who it was? Get in touch.

ABBA’s Bjorn Ulvaeus has started an unlikely spat with Sophie Ellis-Bextor after branding gigs streamed live from celeb kitchens “so boring” – weeks before her album Songs From The Kitchen Disco is due out. The Swedish pop icon moaned: “We’ve seen pop stars streaming their latest song live from their kitchen. However ­talented they are, it’s boring. Boring! As a former pop star myself, I take the liberty to say that. It will never be a substitute for a packed stadium or a sold-out theatre.”

Retweeting the jibe, Sophie hit back: “Bjorn, you can say many things about my kitchen, but ­boring is not one of them.”

Beyonce is goddess in green

ANYONE looking at these pictures of Beyonce would be as green with envy as her outfits.

The Crazy In Love singer showed off her stunning body in her latest Adidas sportswear range that is out now. She rocked a matching hat, sports bra, leggings, hoodie, T-shirt and shorts – even grabbing her boobs in one provocative pose.

Bey posted to her Instagram account the different Ivy Park ranges, which have the odd sounding names azure, de-grassy, canari, coral lake and honey drip. 

I’ve just got to hope that her next album has a better title.

After all, she can’t have spent all of 2020 solely working on her wardrobe.

Elton rejected Liza proposal

CELEBS have done some odd things after going on a bender but tying the knot would be up there with the ­silliest.

That is what would have happened to global superstars Liza Minnelli and Sir Elton John if the Hollywood actress had got her way.

Liza proposed to Elton at Studio 54, the ­legendary Seventies New York club, but luckily the Rocket Man singer was sober enough to turn her down.

Elton recalled: “There was a downstairs area that had pinball machines with lines and lines of coke and you’d bump into everyone there, from politicians to ballet dancers to actors to singers. 

“Everyone down there was doing lines of coke.

“Liza Minnelli [right] once proposed to me down there. She asked: ‘Will you marry me?’

“At which point I broke the 100m sprint record and left.” Elton also revealed how he made long-term rival Rod Stewart take the drug poppers, the slang name for amyl nitrites, in the nightclub.

Elton said: “He wouldn’t get up and dance. I got up on there and had a bottle of poppers. I said, ‘Come up and dance – how can you not dance?’

“I shoved the bottle up his nose and he was on the dance floor for an hour and a half.

“‘Give me some of those, dear.’ We had so much fun.”

The star was speaking to Dua Lipa on an Instagram Live to promote her Studio 2054 live-streamed concert, which will take place on November 27, with tickets on sale now.

Let’s hope it’s just ­performing she’ll be doing.

GARY Barlow tomorrow releases new single Incredible, which is the second track from his upcoming solo album Music Played By Humans, out on November 27.

The song will be the soundtrack of Argos’ Book Of Dreams Christmas advert which launches on Sunday and features an 80-piece orchestra.

Meanwhile, Justin Bieber has become the No1 artist on Spotify with more than 60million monthly listeners.

The singer currently has two tracks on the streaming site’s Global Chart with Lonely and Holy – which has clocked up more than 300million global streams.

Deb's gay rap hunch

POP legend Debbie Harry wants more rappers to come out of the closet and says the hip-hop genre is lacking in LGBT representatives.

Following Lil Nas X and Frank Ocean opening up about their sexuality, the Blondie singer said: “I would be curious how many rap artists are actually closeted, you know. I can’t believe that it is all such a macho thing. I always felt I had a masculine drive. I was happy to feel I had that component. I have never really been mad or angry with men other than ­wanting to slap them once in a while.”

She added: “We are evolving with the gender fluid thing. We are all so willing to be exposed.”

Oll Wright now

OLLY Murs and Mark Wright are in peak condition so they must be doing something right in lockdown.

The pair linked up at their local David Lloyd Club in ­Chigwell, Essex, where they posed for this topless selfie.

The toned torsos will have pleased a lot of female fans, I’m sure.

Mark wrote on Instagram: “Gym and relax with that man Mursy.”

I don’t think I could keep up with them.

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Bruce Springsteen’s rallying cry to voters is causing a stir

Legendary singer Bruce Springsteen has made his political leanings known over the years. In 1984, he denied the Ronald Reagan reelection campaign use of his anthem “Born in the U.S.A,” as per WSLS. And throughout the 2020 presidential election cycle, Springsteen has let the public know that he doesn’t think too highly of President Donald Trump.

In June 2020, on his SiriusXM radio show, From My Home to Yours, Springsteen shared his views on what he thought about Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic. He started his show off by stating (via Rolling Stone), “With 100,000 plus Americans dying over the last few months and the empty, shamed response from our leaders, I’ve been simply pissed off.” He added, “Those lives deserve better than being simply inconvenient statistics for our president’s reelection efforts. It’s a national disgrace.”

As for Trump’s resistance in wearing a face mask, Springsteen exclaimed, “With all respect, sir, show some consideration and care for your countrymen and your country. Put on a f***ing mask.” In June 2020 interview with The Atlantic, following the protests of George Floyd’s death, Springsteen criticized the use of tear gas to clear protestors so Trump could pose with a bible during for a photo op, as reported by The New York Times. Springsteen said the spectacle was “so outrageously anti-American, so totally buffoonish and so stupid, and so anti-freedom of speech.” Given those statements by Bruce Springsteen, it should not be surprising that he continued his rallying cry against Trump in the pre-2020 election episode of his radio show.

Bruce Springsteen is calling for an 'exorcism in the capitol'

During the Oct. 28, 2020 episode of Bruce Springsteen’s SiriusXM radio show, From My Home to Yours, the rocker discussed the 2020 presidential election. Springsteen called for “an exorcism in our nation’s capitol,” stating that “in just a few days, we’ll be throwing the bums out.” He described the last four years as “a f***ing nightmare” and said that “we are currently facing the greatest threat to democracy in my lifetime.”

Trump supporters and critics alike took to Twitter with their reactions to Springsteen’s commentary.

“@springsteen Just took a poll on MSN after I read how much you hate Trump. I had to laugh when the results showed no one liked you at all !!!!” wrote one user. Another had a different opinion. “I think that Bruce Springsteen has succinctly nailed the problem at the core of the Whitehouse …,” they shared.

Additionally, Springsteen played an excerpt from Barack Obama’s speech at the 2020 virtual Democratic National Convention, in which the former president derided Trump for not taking “the job seriously,” per App. Springsteen also recited the poem, “The Gray House” by Elaine Griffin Baker: “No loyal man’s best friend. No Socks the family cat. No kids science fairs. No times when this president takes off his blue suit-red tie uniform and becomes human, except when he puts on his white shirt-khaki pants uniform and hides from Americans to play golf.”  Springsteen concluded, “On Nov. 3, vote them out.”

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Noah and Miley Cyrus's Pics Over the Years Make Us Long For a Cool Older Sister

Noah and Miley Cyrus’s Pics Over the Years Make Us Long For a Cool Older Sister

There may be a seven-year age difference between Miley and Noah Cyrus, but that hasn’t stopped the sisters from becoming close friends. Over the years, the two have supported each other’s careers, cheered each other on, and performed together on rare and wonderful occasions. On Oct. 26, the sisters even released their first song together, titled, “I Got So High That I Saw Jesus.” Noah announced the exciting news on IG along with the caption, “No one knows how happy and excited Miley and I are to be releasing something TOGETHER for our VERY FIRST TIME!!!! and it’s NOT the last.” We can’t wait for more! Check out the gallery for just some of the cutest sister moments these two have had over the years.

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